In a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, a new kind of leadership is called for.  This new kind of leadership has been commented on widely by thought leaders, including professors from Harvard Business School. 15 of the 24 qualities identified as ‘what it looks like in a leader’ who is successful in this new world require an ability to be effective in working with and managing people who are different from the leader.

We deliver these benefits:

  • Builds diverse teams to solve problems
  • Looks at organisations as complex systems
  • Crafts global strategies that also incorporate region specific tactics
  • Seizes opportunities in emerging markets
  • Navigates culturally complex, often nuanced, business situations
  • Leverages network to gain insight into complex problems
  • Creates networks to enhance influence
  • Treats networks as mutually rewarding relationships
  • Understands individual values and needs
  • Shapes work engagements to meet different needs and values
  • Fosters an inclusive work environment
  • Recognises that past approaches often do now work in current situations
  • Establishes the structures that best support innovation
  • Encourages people to discover new ways to achieve success
  • Keeps an eye out for indicators of change