09 Jan 2017

International Parity at Work Day celebrates the value and strength of diversity at work

International Parity at Work Day will be observed on January 11th 2017. It champions the value of workplace diversity – inclusive of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, physical abilities and ages; and it raises awareness of persistent workplace inequality.   People across the world are creating events to celebrate International Parity at Work Day –whether it is just a chat over tea and cake to explore how they will support someone who is different from them to advance – or a full blown awards ceremony and celebration of the difference that people who are different from each other contribute at work.   The inaugural Day will be celebrated in London at the iconic Cheesegrater building with a blend of expert speakers and performances that accentuate the contribution people of different ages, genders, physical abilities and cultures provide in the workplace.   Businesses and communities around the world are also holding individual events to show their support for workplace parity, with conversations ranging from: how leaders have achieved excellent results with cross cultural teams; how young ambitious people have got themselves noticed so that they could progress at the rate of their talent rather than have to ‘wait their turn’; and how men struggle to succeed in female dominated professions – demonstrating that the gender challenge is not limited only to women.   Organisations and individuals interested in holding an event can publicise and share photographs/videos of their celebration on social media by using the hashtag #ParityatWork whereby their celebration be reposted and acknowledged on the International Parity at Work Day official pages.   This year’s International Parity at Work Day also sees the launch of The Parity Pioneers Movement, initiated by a group of global professionals who seek to unleash world-class performance by amplifying the value of workplace diversity through…

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