In addition to our active community in which you will engage with a diverse group of professionals, you can join our monthly webinars where you will reflect on your strengths, develop strategies for success and achieve your full potential as the ‘Authentic.You’.  Join our community of empowered professionals who are committed to inspiring futures – all for the cost of less than a cup of coffee a day.

Led by Ishreen Bradley with a global community of professionals to explore topics of critical importance to your growth and development as an authentic leader, you will gain:

Focus:   You will focus on what makes the biggest impact for you at work

Clarity: You will be clear on the value you add and communicate that effectively

Results: You will take a goal-focused approach to producing breakthrough results for yourself and your organisation

These webinars will cover what is currently challenging at work for the global community of professionals on the programme. We will blend knowledge sharing with ‘live coaching’ whilst working through the tools and exercises in Ishreen’s new book: Authentic You.  Our unique approach enables people of all races, genders and generations to explore and overcome barriers to progress in a way that engenders inclusivity and understanding.