Belonging Pioneers Online Community

  • Do you know what makes you different and valued?
  • Are you achieving everything you want to at work?
  • Do you have access to a community that provides insightful coaching conversations to enable your progress?

If you answered ‘no’ to any one of these questions, our Belonging Pioneers Community could be just what you are looking for.  Read on to find out more and join us…

You have four options depending on how deeply you want to engage and where you are based…although many people travel from far and wide to join our face to face workshops that you will get from being an ‘Advocate’ member or 'Pioneer' member.

All levels of membership - from the very affordable £10 a month Support Member can access our online community and knowledge nuggets.

For All Individual Members:

Knowledge Nuggets:  Access 'how to' guides, self evaluation, checklists and quizzes to develop your knowledge of yourself and how to work effectively with others.

You can use these resources to identify the distinct difference you make at work and focus on the best ways to communicate this in order that people in your organisation take notice.

Your 12-month membership will enable you to identify, articulate and communicate your unique contribution and value at work in a way that is authentic and has an impact.

You will also develop yourself to be more effective when things don’t go according to plan – or upset you.  Our intention is that you as a professional in our community will progress in your career in a way that inspires and nurtures you.

Online Community Forumswhere you can ask questions, get quick input on what you are dealing with and share your accomplishments!

Focused and relevant:          As well as the main Belonging Pioneers discussion forum, you can start up a new forum for a specific group that you want to connect with.  All you need is to attract at least 10 other people who are interested in the same topic.  Examples of fora that people are currently creating are: fathers at work, sports women, autistic assets, wisdom of age.

Contribute:   You can share your experience, skills and expertise with professionals at different stages in their career

Network:       Connect to share a coffee in your city or meet when you travel abroad, allowing you to access different cultures and talents

Monthly WebinarsEach month, our webinars bring the community together to connect and contribute to each other and receive a face to face knowledge nugget that addresses the most discussed  conversations on the forum as well as topics that are of current interest in the professional world.

Curated ContentAre you overwhelmed by the amount of information out there?  Do you struggle to keep up?  Our curated content enables you to access the best 'news' and development tools out there without having to receive so many news feeds.  Our team scans what is relevant every day and sends you a reminder to check in once a week to review what is relevant to you.

Blogs, Vlogs, White Papers and ebooks: As a member of The Belonging Pioneers Movement, you have access to premium content that is not released to 'explorers' who have not yet committed to progressing their careers through our resources.  The latest research, byte sized guides and specific learning opportunities based on what our community is dealing with will be available to all our members.

For Advocate, Champion and Pioneer Members:

'Ask a Mentor' online supportYou know how you sometimes get challenged or really stuck - and just want some ideas on how to move forward?  Our online 'Ask a Mentor' facility enables you to do just that.  Submit a question through the site and one of our Belonging Champions will get back to you within 48 hours with 3-5 ideas on how others have dealt with the challenge you are facing successfully.  You can then have more information from which to decide how you will proceed to resolve the challenge.