Authentic You – Women Win@Work: Lead and Succeed as the Best You

‘Authentic You’  gives you the tools to unleash your latent potential at work and achieve what you know you are capable of whilst staying true to who you are.

Based on the experience of over 1000 women, it contains detailed examples from real women just like you. It illustrates how to be successful by letting your authentic self shine through.

Go beyond ‘Lean In’ to ‘Lean Back with Confidence’ – acknowledge your value and be at home with who you are. ‘Authentic You’ takes you from being ‘at effect’ to being ‘at cause.’  Use ‘Authentic You’ techniques to address the age old ‘alpha female’ versus ‘fluffy woman’ conundrum head on and find your natural balance at work.

Apply ‘Authentic You’ strategies to unfurl who you are at your very core and communicate your unique contribution in a way that is heard and valued. Why stop at doing a great job when you can use ‘Authentic You’ to show your best work and be rewarded and recognised for your full worth?

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Authentic You is our basic resource for female Parity Pioneers who are looking to create a mindset of parity for themselves.

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