08 Mar 2017

Are you celebrating the #HiddenFigures in your life this IWD?

It is not often that I go to the Cinema…and even less frequently that I watch a film twice within 10 days…in fact I don’t think that has ever happened before I saw #HiddenFigures.   This movie touched me on many levels… -       the courage of 3 women who used their talents to #BeBoldForChange to progress themselves and others. -       the unique talents they had that got American astronauts into space -       their humility in accepting the status they had been given so far, and working within those constraints to forward themselves and contribute to the success of their organisation and their country.   So this International Women’s Day, I am asking you a very important question: which women in your life strive to #BeBoldForChange and have already made a big impact for women…but remain hidden?   Let’s celebrate the amazing modern day #HiddenFigures and let the world know of the difference they are making.   I will be adding to this blog everyday with a narrative on the NASA #HiddenFigures as well as our amazing modern day #HiddenFigures.   I have a very special prize for you if you tweet #HiddenFigures @ParityPioneers  this month with your most inspiring #HiddenFigures Story.  I will announce the winner on 10th April…so please get tweeting now.   You might even like to post a short video.  Below are some messages from my friends about why they so admire the 3 women who were behind NASA's journey to the moon...I hope you enjoy  them. Mel on Caterine Goble The genius mathematician who worked out the trajectories for the shuttle to land Haroon on Dorothy Vaughan The determined supervisor who taught herself and her team Fortran Simi on Mary Jackson The First Black Female Aeronautic Engineer who negotiated State Laws to get her degree

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